Meet us

Meet us

Castles to Meet is an on- & offline organization platform for meetings on estates, founded by Arthur de Nerée tot Babberich and Bibian van Rijckevorsel. Both entrepreneurs own estates with national monuments, including Halsaf Estate in Babberich.

Our core values

•   Searching for sustainable solutions in an entrepreneurial way
•   Treasure the jewels we are proud of
•   Team-up, together we have a higher impact
•   Socially involved

Social entrepreneurship

We collaborate with social caterers as much as possible and mainly serve organic products. In this way we make a positive contribution to creating opportunities for local farmers, local caterers and social labour opportunities. Together we make our world a better place.

With your booking you support the preservation of Dutch Cultural Heritage in private ownership. Some of our locations are opened with respect for nature. In this way we keep these authentic estates and beautiful nature together, preserved for future generations.

The orgin of Castles to Meet

Cultural Heritage is part of the history of the Netherlands. For only heirs it is often very expensive to maintain estates and castles in private ownership. This requires a new, commercial approach to give these beautiful domains a solid future.

Halsaf Estate had a fundamental influence on the origin of Castles to Meet. Arthur has bought back the traditional family estate from a bankrupt inventory. The challenge was to make the estate profitable again in a way that the estate can contribute to its own maintenance.

Arthur and Bibian gained many years of expertise in hospitality and catering industry. Together they also have extensive experience in managing the financial side of owning one (or more) estate(s). Based on this knowledge and experience, they have developed a strategic revenue model in which the estate generates cash flow itself.

Halsaf Estate has deliberately chosen to exploit the mansion commercially and to rent out the estate for multi purposes in order to keep the risk low. The “Koekfabriek”, fitness centre “Halsaf-Vitaal De Veldschuur”, and Halsaf’s Bed & Breakfast are currently housed here. Halsaf Estate is a meeting place for business meetings, private dining and various events. With this approach, Halsaf Estate once again has a profitable estate model. This success story is the key to preserving Dutch Cultural Heritage.

From these background details, we understand better than anyone the wishes and requirements of both the estate owners and your guests. Castles to Meet is therefore the ideal organization to connect these parties.

"We treasure Dutch Cultural Heritage and nature"